Middle School Academics

Dear Middle School Family,

want to be the first to welcome you to NCS Middle School. The Middle School is comprised of grades 6th through 8th. Middle School is part of the NCS Secondary program and in Middle School, there are five core classes that are required and then there are many elective choices that are designed with the interests of a middle school student in mind. Some electives are yearlong and some are semester based. This information is included in the course description section of this document. The Middle School staff is ready to help welcome your child, so if there is anything that I can do to help in your child’s educational and/or spiritual endeavors, please contact my office.

Sincerely, Samantha Maszton, Middle School Principal

Letter Percent GPA Letter Percent GPA
A+ 98-100 C+ 77-79
A 93-97 C 73-76
A- 90-92 C- 70-72
B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69
B 83-86 D 63-66
B- 80-82 D- 60-62
F 00-59

Subject/Grade Topic Publisher
Spanish: Grades 7 and 8 McDougal Little
Science: Grade 8 Earth Science Pearson/Prentice Hall
Science Grade 7 Life Science Pearson/Prentice Hall
Science Grade 6 Science 6 Christian Schools International
Social Studies Grade 8 World Explorer – Geography Prentice Hall
Social Studies Grade 8 Arizona Government and Citizenship Cloud Publishing
US History Grade 7 Creating America: A History of the United States McDougal Littell
Math: Grade 7 or 8 Algebra Houghton Mifflin
Math: Grade 7 or 8 Pre Algebra Houghton Mifflin
Math 7 McDougall/Littell
Math: Grade 7 Basic 7th Glencoe-McGraw Hill
Math: Grade 6 Math Houghton Mifflin
English: Grade 8 The Hiding Place Bantam Books
English: Grade 8 Writing & Grammar Prentice Hall
English: Grade 8 Around the World in 80 Days Penguin Group
English: Grade 8 Literature Prentice Hall
English: Grade 7 English: Writing and Grammar Prentice Hall
English: Grade 7 English: Literature (Bronze) Prentice Hall
English: Grade 7 English: Daily Grams Isha Enterprises Inc
Trade Book: Grade 7 Joni Zondervan
Trade Book: Grade 7 Treasure Island Penguin Books
Trade Book: Grade 7 Across Five Aprils Prentice Hall
English: Grade 6 Literature book Prentice Hall
Trade Book: Grade 6 Good Dog Paperback Aladdin paperbacks
Trade Book: Grade 6 Where the Red Fern Grows Laurel-Leaf
Trade Book: Grade 6 Nate Saint YWAM
Trade Book: Grade 6 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Puffin Books